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Managed Services

Firewall Service
A managed firewall service will help you ensure a high level of network access and information availability, integrity and privacy by keeping your critical firewalls available, up to date, and configured correctly.

E-Mail Service
A managed e-mail service will protect you from viruses, malicious codes, spam, legal liability, productivity threats, and confidentiality breaches.

Network Monitoring
eDos Solutions offers network monitoring services on a 24x7x365 basis, monitoring solutions for non-security devices.

Security Monitoring
Our security monitoring service is a 24x7x365 monitoring solution for your network security infrastructure.

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We can implement a wireless network in your home or workplace.

Availability Monitoring

eDos has designed a custom built application which performs non-intrusive monitoring of not only your critical servers but also a wide range of applications that run on those servers. Alerts are automatically sent via email or SMS whenever a server or a service is unavailable or a certain threshold is exceeded. If necessary, arrangements can also be made for critical individuals to be contacted via telephone.

With the eDos Solutions Availability Monitoring service, we keep an eye on your critical servers and applications therefore giving you the confidence that you will be the first to be notified as soon as something goes wrong.

Managed Content Filtering

Despite the obvious benefits to organisations in providing Internet access to their employees, various studies and reports show that up to 30-40% of Internet usage in the workplace is not related to business.

Businesses today need to be able to control this access without hindering the speed and performance for business related use.

The content filtering service offered by eDos, allows a company to track, report and control internet access based on a combination of rules, processes and monitoring. The key to an effective content filtering service is the ability to customise and regularly update it for individual organisations as personnel and daily business requirements change.

A eDos Managed Content Filtering Service is an ideal way to provide this protection to your organisation and ensure that it doesn't become a performance overhead.

Transparent Web Proxy

A web proxy server can be configured to not only to conserve internet bandwidth and reduce traffic charges but also to protect the users from viruses, worms, spyware and phishing attacks contained in the downloads from web sites. It can also be used to prevent access to certain categories of websites. This can be placed inline so it is transparent to the user.

Application Patching

As you are aware, Software patches add risk to maintaining uptime but are required for securing your business. IT administrators live with this contradiction every day. How do you mitigate the risks to uptime imposed by patching while securing your systems? There is only one solution: find a way to reliably deploy patches that minimizes the threat to uptime – this is something that Carabo IT can offer to you!

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